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Sell Watches NYC






Best Place to Sell Watches NYC. We Buy all Luxury Watches

About forty years ago in NYC, the price of gold shot up to a price it had never reached before. One person, seeing the high prices, went through his drawers to see if he had any gold jewelry to sell. He found an old bracelet and an old ring he never wore, and brought them to a jeweler to sell. He got a great price, and sold the gold and bought a brand-new bedroom set.

That person was me, and it could be you. Perhaps you have no gold, or do not wish to part with that which you have. But maybe you have something else that a buyer would gladly pay for—a watch. The market for watches is hot, and there are plenty of buyers out there who will be glad to take an expert look at that old watch in your drawer. You’ve probably seen the surprise and happiness of people on Antiques Roadshow when they are told that the old, nonworking watch they brought in is worth hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars.

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Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations—these are occasions for joy and for giving, these are times for special gifts. Almost every family has had such events, and often the gift is a fine watch for the groom, the graduate, or the fiancée. Take a look in your drawer or the jewelry box or the safe deposit box. There could be a watch once worn by a grandfather or an aunt that hasn’t been working, or even worn, in years, that you could sell, and into a new bedroom, new clothes, or simply to pay off old bills. You never can tell what treasures you might have. You’ll never know unless you try to find them.

We’re Honest Jewelry Buyers and we’re here to turn those old treasures into new treasures for you. We stand ready to give you the best prices we possibly can for your special watch—special because it’s your watch and special because of its value in today’s sellers’ market. Our job is to take good care of your watch, to fix it if possible, and to give it the best home it could have. It might be a watch or antiques collector; it could be the original factory which wants it for itself, it might even be a museum. Anything is possible for the right watch. As a seller, you can take pride in knowing that the watch was once yours, and that by selling it in NYC, you brought a beautiful antique to the market for others to admire and care for.